You either pass or you fail

Congratulations are in order.

Yesterday was probably the most nervous I have been in months. I haven’t felt that feeling for a while now. It was like waiting for a verdict, you either pass or you fail.

I know it’s not something to fuss about but I’ve been dreaming (and planning) of going there for more than half a decade. Imagine how that would be, only seeing your dream land on television, in photographs of other people.

I imagined going there with my friends and visit the places we’ve talked about numerous times. It’s a start, dreaming. Then it was just inevitable-I had to make it come true.

Ever since I was 18, I vowed to go there. It was really nerve-racking. Look at it this way, you studied for your undergrad for more than 4 years, and it all boils down to your thesis. You either pass or you fail.

“Number 109,” the assistant called. It was my turn. I saw the employee looking at my passport. “This is it,” I said to myself, “You either pass or you fail.”

Yesterday, I “passed.” And in 32 days, I’ll finally go far and visit for the first time (and not the last) South Korea.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine


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